Organization of a peaceful assembly

Organization of a peaceful assembly

So, you’ve decided to hold a peaceful assembly. In order to organize it quickly and effectively, we suggest using the following plan of action.

Decide on the purpose of the assembly and issue

to which you would like to draw attention with the help of your peaceful assembly. Your further steps depend on the purpose of the assembly.

Gather a team of like-minded persons

Of course, you can organize and hold the peaceful assembly on your own. However, involvement of other persons will help save your time and resources and efficiently prepare for the assembly. Get together and plan your further steps, divide duties among team members.

Choose location and time for the peaceful assembly

Location of the peaceful assembly directly depends on its purpose.
The assembly may be held in any public place, except for high-security facilities, airfields, air strips, and location of pipelines.

The peaceful assembly may be held at any time (however, if the assembly is conducted during the night time in the vicinity of residential buildings, you should not use sound-amplifying equipment). You should also take into consideration the fact that local authorities in any town may impose restrictions relating to the use of sound-amplifying equipment in residential areas during the nighttime.

Inform authorities that you plan to hold the peaceful assembly

Article 39 of the Constitution of Ukraine determines the need to inform the authorities about the conduct of a peaceful assembly in advance. In particular, it is necessary for the authorities to take care of safety of participants of the peaceful assembly and ensure protection of their rights.

Such notification will allow local authorities to take measures in order to ensure public order and protection of participants of the peaceful assembly, change traffic schemes (if necessary), and organize work of the fire service, medical department, and public utilities.


It is recommended to submit such notification about the conduct of a peaceful assembly not later than a day before it takes place.

It is not necessary to notify the authorities about the conduct of a spontaneous peaceful assembly.

The notification should include name of the organizer and his/her contact details, venue, time when it starts, forecast number of participants, form of the peaceful assembly to be held, and special equipment to be used.

Notification about the conduct of the peaceful assembly should be submitted:

  • if it is to take place in Kyiv or Sevastopol – to the city administration;
  • in other towns, villages, urban-type settlements – to the executive committee of the town/village council;
  • if it is to take place beyond the boundaries of a settlement – to the respective district or regional administration;

Means of submitting a notification:

  • by registered mail;
  • telegram;
  • via the office of the respective public body.

Local authorities DO NOT have powers to prohibit the conduct of a peaceful assembly. Only the court may do that. If the public body has turned to the court with a request to prohibit the conduct of the peaceful assembly, the court shall engage the assembly organizer in the case and notify him/her about time and venue of the court hearing.

Besides, local authorities may not decide where the peaceful assembly is to be held and may not change its route. The only purpose of the notification is to inform the authorities about the conduct of the peaceful assembly so that they can ensure safety of the assembly participants.


Disseminate information about the peaceful assembly

Publish information about the peaceful assembly on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc.), ask friends, public opinion leaders, and other people you know to disseminate information about the peaceful assembly.

Make a plan of the peaceful assembly conduct, prepare hand-outs

  • If your assembly is to take place in the form of a peaceful march, think about the route you’ll follow;


  • If you hold a protest or demonstration, decide whether you need a stage and sound-amplifying equipment, other temporary constructions, or whether you have to prepare hand-outs.

What should one take while going to a peaceful assembly?

We recommend all participants to take identification documents and have phone numbers of close people, as well as the single phone number of the free legal service:


(round-the-clock and free-of-charge)