Rights of participants

Rights of participants of peaceful assemblies

Article 39 of the Constitution of Ukraine provides each citizen with the right to freedom of peaceful assembly. This right may be restricted only by court with a view to preventing riots or crimes, ensuring protection of health of the population, or protecting rights and freedoms of other people.

During the peaceful assembly you have the right to undertake any action that is not prohibited by the law.

In particular, you have the right to:

freely express your views

address participants of the assembly

disseminate leaflets, brochures, other printed materials


You can be brought to criminal responsibility for calls to illegal actions and dissemination of materials with such calls, for example: forced change, overthrowing of the constitutional order, seizure of state power, violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, propaganda of war, violence, stirring of interethnic, racial, national or religious enmity, encroachment upon human rights and freedoms, and health of the population.

use symbols and posters


Use of communist and Nazi symbols entails administrative and criminal responsibility.

Public desecration of the State Flag of Ukraine, State Coat of Arms of Ukraine, State Hymn of Ukraine, or officially installed or raised flag or coat of arms of a foreign state entails criminal responsibility.

prepare collective appeals to authorities on the theme of the assembly

take images, video-recording

Peaceful assembly is a public event, which is why you may freely take images and record videos of the peaceful assembly, in particular, actions of the police and officers of the National Guard.

The police or other persons cannot prohibit you to take images or record videos, this right is protected by Article 307 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, but you should take into consideration the fact that you may record children only upon consent of their parents or guardians (caretakers).



Organizers and participants of the assembly, as well as the police and National Guard shall not create obstacles for journalists who cover events of the peaceful assembly.


use sound-amplifying equipment

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you do not have to get a special permit for the use of sound-amplifying equipment.

While using such equipment, pay attention to the time and location of the peaceful assembly conduct; if you hold it during the night time near residential areas, make sure that you do not create inconveniences for residents.

install stages, tents, or other temporary constructions

picket buildings and occupy sidewalks without creating hindrances for citizens’ free movement


While conducing peaceful assemblies, it is prohibited to block buildings and main traffic routes.

Artificial blocking of roads for transport is not allowed provided there is no need to undertake such actions in view of the number of participants of the assembly.

turn to court if your rights are violated by the police or other persons